RDCS Exemptions

Single Unit Exemptions
The Morgan Hill City Council has established an exemption policy to the Residential Development Control System. The exemption policy generally allows for one unit dwelling unit developments, replacement units, and secondary dwelling units. Refer to the City Council Policy for a complete description of all the exemptions allowed. Review the Residential Development Control System Implementation Policies (PDF).

Downtown Exemptions
Two voter approved measures provide for exemptions to the Residential Development Control System competition within the downtown area.
  • Measure F: Approved by the voters in November 2006, Measure F created a set-aside of 100 residential unit allotments for projects of up to 25 units within the downtown core area
  • Measure A: Approved by the voters in May 2009, Measure A exempts up to 500 allotments from the RDCS for the 20 block area within the Downtown Specific Plan
  • RDCS Downtown Exemption Areas Map (PDF)
Additional Conditions
While these measures exempt some projects from the typical RDCS process, there are still certain conditions that will need to be met as part of the entitlement process of the project. Please contact Community Development Agency staff at 408-778-6480 for more information.