Renovating an Existing Building

If you’re planning to locate your business in an existing building but want to make physical improvements to the inside and/or outside of the building, you may need to secure permits and/or design review approval first. Contact the Building Division to determine if a Tenant Improvement Permit or other permit is required. Also contact the Planning Division to determine the level of design review required for any exterior improvements and if proposing a change of use, whether the use is allowed or if a use permit is required.

It is recommended that you also contact the Public Works Department for applicable Impact Fees. Depending on the extent of the renovation, approvals from outside agencies such as Santa Clara County Fire Department and South County Regional Wastewater Authority (SCRWA) Pretreatment Program may also be required.

Constructing a New Building

The Development Process Flowchart provides a general overview of the steps involved with constructing a new building for a proposed business. As shown in the flowchart, applicants will need to secure planning approvals for one or more of the following applications:
  • Architectural and Site Plan (PDF) Review - Required for all new construction; application to review the site layout, architectural elevations and landscape plans of a project
  • Environmental Assessment (PDF) - Application to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of a project
  • Conditional Use Permit (PDF) - Required if the business is a use that is only conditionally permitted within the proposed zoning district; and
  • Zoning Amendment (PDF) - Required if the business is part of a new Planned Development or if a zone change is needed to allow the business on a particular site
Applicants are encouraged to contact other city departments for their specific requirements, including: