Private Sewer Lateral: Real Estate Transactions

For Sale SignThe Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance comes into effect on June 1, 2022, and will require all residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to have their private sewer laterals inspected by a Qualified Contractor for any defects and any repairs completed prior to the sale of property to meet the city’s standards as specified in the Inspection Report (PDF).

This ordinance applies to all properties that are more than 15 years old. If the property is a new construction that is 15 years or less of age, this inspection is not required.

The seller of the property is responsible to have the inspection completed and, if the sewer lateral passes the inspection, the Inspection Form and CCTV video is brought to the City Utility Billing Service Office to obtain the Certificate of Compliance. If the inspection does not pass, the found damages must be repaired before the property transaction can be completed. Upon repair, a new inspection and new CCTV that passes the city’s standards can be turned in to the Utility Billing Services office to obtain the Certificate of Compliance. 

If applicable, a negotiation between the seller and the buyer can be made and the seller can transfer the responsibility to the buyer of the property if agreed upon. A Transfer of Responsibility to Repair Form (PDF) can be completed and the buyer then has 180 days to complete the repairs. After the repairs are made a new inspection by a Qualified Contractor must be performed.

Please view a flow chart (PDF) that shows the process step-by-step for private sewer lateral requirements during a resale transaction.